Hi, I’m Ina. I was a competitive figure skater for several years before I joined the Philippine national dance company as a professional dancer. I currently work as an actress for TV and film here in the Philippines. I have always loved being active and have been athletic for most of my life, but I am a fitness advocate especially because my relationship with fitness has not always been linear.


About a year ago, I began posting pictures and videos of myself working out from home as a way of keeping myself accountable and tracking my own progress. I began receiving a good amount of messages from women of different ages and careers asking me about how I became so much fitter just from working out in my bedroom. I realized that not everyone can leave their homes and kids to go to the gym, and not everyone can afford a gym membership or a trainer. But all these women, like me, wanted change for their bodies.


If I’m honest, my main reason for working out in the beginning was aesthetics. I wanted what most people want: to get rid of belly fat, to have slimmer arms, and to ultimately look good in a bathing suit. But as working out became a habit, I learned to truly enjoy the process of getting stronger and I began to embrace fitness as an important part of my lifestyle. Before I knew it, I was training harder not for the look of my physique, but for that rewarding feeling of growing stronger everyday. I learned to embrace the ups and downs — the moments where my motivation would drop, and the renewed drive to pick myself back up and go harder. I found a lot of support in the online fitness community, getting more tips to maximize my workouts and to make my meal plans tastier, and encouragement when I needed it the most. At this point in navigating my own fitness, I feel a responsibility to let as many women to know that this kind of lifestyle is extremely doable. It’s really and truly possible, because if I can continuously transform my body from home, anyone can.


Activewear was vital in my transformation, not just for fashion, but for the support that I needed for the different workouts I was doing, from high intensity to stretching tired muscles. However, great activewear is often expensive, and I thought it would be great to come up with comfortable, stylish, and affordable activewear that all women can enjoy.


The kind of apparel I offer here is what I personally enjoy wearing when I train. That said, you don’t have to be the strongest athlete to wear our stuff; in fact, you may just be beginning your fitness journey. What I want every woman to know is that self love and self care are as important as everything else. It’s more than okay to treat yourself to those leggings that make your butt look particularly great or that workout top that contours your waist, and to take a break from your other responsibilities to do one thing that your body will thank you for.


Looking good starts with feeling good, which is why here at Ina Activewear, we focus on designs that will cater to your different moods when working out, and we always try to maintain an aesthetic balance of classic, sexy, and comfortable. We try our best to be accommodating and to help you find designs that suit your needs and your lifestyle. We don’t just want to sell you a pair of shorts; we want to help you maximize the route to becoming the best and strongest version of yourself you can be.


So please, take a look around and enjoy shopping with us!